2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week Launches Official Website

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3 min readAug 20, 2020

2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week has just launched its official website (http://www.blockchainlabs.org/week2020/home) on Aug.20th.

This website will timely update the latest information about the key activities during the international blockchain week, including Hackathon, Open Day as well as the agenda and speakers of the Sixth Global Blockchain Summit.

Since the first global blockchain summit in 2015, Shanghai International Blockchain Week hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has been held for six years consecutively. As the first global blockchain feast held in China, Shanghai International Blockchain Week has not only witnessed the vicissitudes of the global blockchain industry, but also played a leading role in promoting the development of the industry by bringing global blockchain influencers, experts and entrepreneurs under one roof and encouraging open and inclusive communications.

To commemorate the efforts and achievements made by the global blockchain industry, the special column Blockchain Milestone on the official website displays memorable moments and breakthroughs of the industry, which will hopefully help blockchain beginners quickly understand how the global blockchain industry comes to where it is today and inspire blockchain experts with the history.

2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week is scheduled at Oct.23rd to 28th. We will gather excellent developers, experts and entrepreneurs together to display the cutting-edge technologies and discuss the latest trends in the global blockchain industry with the following activities:

Hackathon (Oct.23rd-25th)

The hackathon during Shanghai International Blockchain Week has been one of the greatest attractions to numerous talented blockchain developers with quests highly relevant to the hot spots in the blockchain industry. This year’s hackathon is geared up to gather excellent blockchain developers and enthusiasts around the world for tight competitions.

Open Day (Oct.26th)

Shanghai International Blockchain Week aims to build a platform for communications and win-win cooperation in the global blockchain industry. Our event in 2019 was accompanied by tens of blockchain related activities organized by other players in this industry, providing more networking opportunities. To nurture this atmosphere of dynamic and in-depth communication, we save this special day for fellow companies to display their projects and technologies and our audience to explore more exciting opportunities. We believe this healthy interaction will contribute to accelerating the development of the blockchain industry.

The Sixth Global Blockchain Summit (Oct.27th -28th)

The two-day event will take place in W Shanghai-The Bund and be broadcasted online at the same time. It will feature one stage with presentations, panels, and fireside chats delivered by prominent speakers. Under the theme of “Integrated Innovation”, this summit will focus on the collaboration between blockchain and other trendy digital technologies like 5G, IoT, AI etc., as “Blockchain has to flourish in a healthy ecosystem. This requires us to build a workable ecosystem by integrating blockchain and other technology and create more products and business models to empower the digital upgrade of traditional industries,” said Dr. Xiao Feng, President and CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain.

“This is one of the premiere blockchain events in Asia and the world,” said Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Professor of Northwest University. 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week will continue to impress you with quality events, inspiring speeches and panels as well as exciting business opportunities.

Registration for attending the Sixth Global Blockchain Summit offline in Shanghai, China has been open. You can get the early bird price at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-6th-global-blockchain-summit-tickets-115473469255 by Aug. 31st.

We are looking forward to see you at 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week!



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