2021 Shanghai International Blockchain Week Returns on Sept.10th -15th

Shanghai International Blockchain Week, the annual world blockchain feast hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, is taking place on Spet.10th -15th, 2021, featuring quality events with accomplished, powerful and astounding list of industry leaders and speakers.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week has a reputation of getting global experts, investors, and entrepreneurs all under one roof year after year. This week long event features the following 3 activities:

Hackathon (Sept.10th -12th )

The hackathon during Shanghai International Blockchain Week has been one of the greatest attractions to numerous talented blockchain developers with quests highly relevant to the hot spots in the blockchain industry. This year’s hackathon is geared up to gather excellent blockchain developers and enthusiasts around the world for tight competitions.

Open Day (Sept.13th )

Shanghai International Blockchain Week aims to build a platform for communications and win-win cooperation in the global blockchain industry. Our event in 2020 was accompanied by tens of blockchain related activities organized by other players in this industry, providing more networking opportunities. To nurture this atmosphere of dynamic and in-depth communication, we save this special day for fellow companies to display their projects and technologies and our audience to explore more exciting opportunities. We believe this healthy interaction will contribute to accelerating the development of the blockchain industry.

The Seventh Global Blockchain Summit (Sept.14th -15th)

The two-day event will take place in W Shanghai-The Bund and be broadcasted online at the same time. It will feature one stage with presentations, panels, and fireside chats delivered by prominent speakers.

A Quick Review of Previous Events

The 1st Global Blockchain Summit (Oct.2105)

The Global Blockchain Summit, one of the largest international, high-level blockchain summits, was founded by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and hosted annually. On October 15th, 2015, the first summit — “Blockchain New Economy: Blueprint” was the first public blockchain event in China, recognized to be an iconic event of the development of blockchain technology in the nation, making 2015 a remarkable year for blockchain in China.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week (Sept.2016)

From 19th to 24th September, 2016, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and the Ethereum Foundation co-hosted a week-long Shanghai Blockchain event. The event included DevCon2, Demo Day, and the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit, attracting nearly 100 speakers and 1000+ participants from around the world, bringing the development and status of the blockchain industry in China to a whole new level.

The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit (Sept.2017)

From Sep. 14th-16th, 2017, the 3rd Global Blockchain Summit, themed as “Blockchain New Economy: Breaking Dawn”, was hosted at W Shanghai-The Bund, attracting more than 1000 participants from various industries around the world. During the event, world-renowned speakers shared their thoughts on the application, regulation, and the future trend of the blockchain technology.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week (Sept.2018)

2018 Shanghai International Blockchain Week consisted of Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon, Tech Open Day and the 4th Global Blockchain Summit themed as “Blockchain New Economy: Tech Exploration”. The Hackathon gathered 100+ developers around the world to demonstrate their innovative ideas through fierce competition. On Tech Open Day, founders and developers from major blockchain platforms introduced the latest development of their projects. On Summit Days, representatives from various industries shared their insights on solutions empowered by the blockchain technology and envisioned the true value of blockchain technology in future industrial application.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week (Sept.2019)

2019 Shanghai International Blockchain Week featured Hackathon, Demo Day and the 5th Global Blockchain Summit under the theme of “Blockchain New Economy: New Decade New Beginning”. This week long event attracted around 2000 attendees to demonstrate their projects and share their insights on blockchain application, supervision and trends.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week (Oct.2020)

2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week featured three activities, namely Hackathon, Open Day and the Sixth Global Blockchain Summit under the theme of “Integrated Innovation”. This summit focused on the collaboration between blockchain and other trendy digital technologies like 5G, IoT, AI etc., as “Blockchain has to flourish in a healthy ecosystem. This requires us to build a workable ecosystem by integrating blockchain and other technology and create more products and business models to empower the digital upgrade of traditional industries,” said Dr. Xiao Feng, President and CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain.

More information about the Seventh Shanghai International Blockchain Week will be out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our posts to get extensively exposed to the latest trends in the blockchain industry and thought-provoking speeches from leading proponents, projects, influencers, and decision-makers.



Wanxiang Blockchain is dedicated to building an open platform and offering resources to develop blockchain and promote its application in different industries.

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Wanxiang Blockchain

Wanxiang Blockchain is dedicated to building an open platform and offering resources to develop blockchain and promote its application in different industries.