2021 Web 3.0 Bootcamp Kicks Off

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4 min readMay 18, 2021


At 2 pm on May 14th, 2021 Web 3.0 Bootcamp kicked off in Shanghai, China. The opening ceremony was also broadcast online, which helps global blockchain lovers to have a clear understanding of this bootcamp and provides the selected teams a great opportunity to showcase their projects to the global blockchain community.

Web 3.0 Bootcamp, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, New Chainbase, Parity Technologies and Web3 Foundation, is an incubation focusing on blockchain start-ups. Leveraging the resources in Wanxiang Blockchain ecosystem and Polkadot ecosystem, this bootcamp aims to provide selected teams with support in technology, product, cooperation, etc. as an effort to help them develop a clear and sustainable business model and accelerate the arrival of Web 3.0.

Twelve teams made it to join 2021 Web 3.0 Bootcamp after a strict selection process and will get the comprehensive support from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, New Chainbase, Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies in the following 6 months.

The selected teams are Moonbeam Network, Patract, Subscan, Litentry, Clover, SubQuery, MathChain, Subsocial, zCloak Network, Konomi, T3rn and dTrade.

In his greeting to the opening ceremony, Gavin Wood, Founder of Polkadot and Chairman of Web3 Foundation said:” We received 53 high quality applicants global wise, which doubles the number of the applicants from last year and is a strong indicator of the rapid growing Polkadot ecosystem.

We’re proud of the teams who’ve made it to the finals through three rounds of interviews. The bootcamp selection process is very strict and it’s a great opportunity for the participating teams to gather together, share their experience and learn from each other.”

Du Yu, Manager of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs said:” Built upon the experience and achievements of 2020 Web 3.0 Bootcamp, we are confident to make the bootcamp this year a great success. We will spare no effort to support the 12 selected team with Wanxiang Blockchain’s resources around world and we hope that Web 3.0 Bootcamp will finally become a platform where all teams share their experience and learn from each other to promote the development of the blockchian industry. ”

Du Yu, Manager of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs

2021 Web 3.0 Bootcamp will last for 6 months. The first 3 months will be the acceleration stage and the last 3 months will be the POC stage. What kind of resources will Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, New Chainbase, Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies provide to the selected teams? What’s new of this bootcamp compared with the one of last year?

Yaoqi, Director of Parity Asia mentioned:” Web 3.0 Bootcamp aims to help important Polkadot projects to achieve significant progress in technology, operation, marketing, etc. and grow into qualified parachains that will be connected to Polkadot. In this connection, Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies will mainly provide technical support to selected teams, including assigning an experienced mentor to every. The mentors will instruct the teams and follow their progress through weekly communications.”

Yaoqi, Director of Parity Asia

Besides, Hao Yukun, Senior Director of Wanxiang Blockchain shared:” Compared with last year’s bootcamp, 2021 Web 3.0 Bootcamp has significantly upgraded in terms of training and incentive mechanisms. First, we will invite more experienced mentors who will not only instruct selected teams but also bring them cooperation opportunities. Second, our training courses will keep in pace with industrial trends and focus more on hotspot topics like privacy preserving, parachains, etc. Most importantly, Web 3.0 Bootcamp will adopt an incentive mechanism for the first time. Teams who actively participate in training and other activities will be awarded credits. Those who have high credit rankings will have access to more resources. We hope this mechanism will stimulate all selected teams to work hard in this bootcamp and promote the communication among selected teams.”

Hao Yukun, Senior Director of Wanxiang Blockchain



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