2022 International Blockchain Week Wrapped up on September 28

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2 min readSep 30, 2022

2022 International Blockchain Week wrapped up on September 28. Guided by People’s Government of Hongkou District, Shanghai, the Blockchain Week provided an unprecedented opportunity to dive deeper into the blockchain world and establish a shared vision of the digital future through Hackathon, Open Day, and the 8th Global Blockchain Summit.

Hackathon Fall 2022

As an exciting warmup event for 2022 Shanghai International Blockchain Week, 2022 Wanxiang Blockchain Fall Hackathon, under the theme of “Together for A Shared Future in Blockchain”, set three tracks, namely the Green Future of low carbon and environmental protection, the Blue Future of Web3.0 and the Colorful Future of Digital Transformation and gathered talented blockchain developers and the smartest minds in relevant fields to push forward the development of Web3 and build a multicolored future.

By taking the judges’ scores and the community votes into consideration, we’ve decided and announced FindTruman as the first prize winner of Wanxiang Blockchain Scholarship.


On September 19, 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp, organized by Parity, Web3 Foundation and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs came to a conclusion. Ten selected teams demonstrated their project achievements during the 6-month bootcamp.

Web3.0 Bootcamp is a training and incubation program for startups focusing on blockchain innovation and aims to accelerate the arrival of the Web3.0 era by integrating the resources of the Wanxiang Blockchain ecosystem with that of the Polkadot ecosystem based on the Substrate Framework and the Polkadot Network.

A noticeable partnership was made on the very same day, Wanxiang Blockchain announced to have partnered with Bohai Commodity Exchange and Gongtongtu Technology. The strategic partnership marks a concerted exploration and a step forward into the use of blockchain in IoT, supply chain finance, culture, cross-border trade, etc.

The 8th Global Blockchain Summit

Under the theme of “Together for a Shared Future in Blockchain”, the summit was separated by a lineup of themed forums and a grand opening, each lasting for 2–3 hours. Topics covered this year’s hottest issues that span from blockchain technology, Layer2, DAO, Web3.0 to privacy preserving, data security, metaverse, carbon neutrality, and IoT.

Over 70 experts, scholars, thought leaders, and industry players were gathered to discuss and deliberate on the disruptive technology trends that are shaping the future of how we work and live.

About the International Blockchain Week

The Global Blockchain Summit and Shanghai International Blockchain Week, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs every autumn since 2015, has been an influential and renowned blockchain event in Asia. Every year, vanguards from blockchain and other industries from all over the world are gathered to discuss the development trend, challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology.



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