2022 Web 3.0 Bootcamp Will Kick off at May 24. Let’s Meet the Selected Teams!

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5 min readMay 19, 2022

The opening ceremony of 2022 Web 3.0 Bootcamp will take place at 18:00, May 24 (UTC+8) and be live streamed globally in Wanxiang Blockchain’s Bilibili Liveroom.

We will have Gavin Wood, Founder of Polkadot and Chairman of Web3 Foundation, Du Yu, Vice General Manager of Wanxiang Blockchain and Manager of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Anthony Day, VP Ecosystem Stewardship of Parity, Helena, Head of Parity Asia Pacific and Hao Yukun, Senior Director of Wanxiang Blockchain to introduce the incubation services and technical support this bootcamp will offer to all participants. Moreover, Gavin Wood will also share the latest development of Polkadot ecosystem in his speech.

In previous Web3.0 Bootcamps, we provided the selected teams with such support as technology instruction, professional mentors, demo day, marketing etc., which not only accelerated their development but also helped them to attract the attention of top blockchain investors.

On top of that, the selected teams were able to exchange ideas and talk about potential cooperation in the online and offline trainings and activities of Web3.0 Bootcamps. Acala, Moonbeam, Astar and other teams seized these opportunities to get the upper hand in the crosschain interaction field of Polkadot ecosystem.

This year’s bootcamp received 45 high quality applications globally. Let’s meet the 11 talented teams that passed the strict selection process. Congratulations!

1. beoble

beoble is a social module with API and SDK for Web 3.0. It is an on-chain communication window and a user-owned Web 3.0 product. With beoble, Web 3.0 services can easily integrate social functionalities of social profile, messaging, and posting and feeds into their services in 5 minutes.

2. Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS)

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) aims to establish the first decentralized storage project that offers full supports to commercial applications at a large scale. CESS is a blockchain based decentralized cloud data network infrastructure, built with Substrate open-source framework. As an open source public blockchain network, CESS offers decentralized data storage services, and also serves users and creators as a platform for on-chain data sharing, as well as developing and deploying DApps. CESS aspires to create a secure, transparent and high throughput global data ecosystem to achieve the mission of building an open, fair and secure data network environment — the new Web 3.0.

3. Gear

Gear is an advanced WASM based smart contract platform, aiming to be a Polkadot and Kusama parachain that enables developers to deploy their dApps in under 5 minutes in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Gear’s platform will enable developers to build dApps on both Polkadot and Kusama, to take advantage of the benefits of their respective ecosystems, without the significant financial and time expenses developers have dealt with traditionally.

4. Hamster

Hamster, a DApp hosting platform, is dedicated to providing hosting and operation services to blockchain applications like the graph.

5. Meta Defender

Meta Defender is a fully decentralized financial insurance protocol designed to provide policyholders with financial compensation in the event of an irreversible loss of assets hosted on the blockchain. The project improved the AMM model for risk pricing, and firstly realized the unification of insurance capital aggregation and liquidity. Any blockchain participant can insure or contract for a specific agreement, and freely choose the insurance period and capital withdrawal time. The V3 version is currently under development, which will further simplify the process of in and out of insurance capital and make it a cross-chain product.

6. Polkadot Name System (PNS)

Polkadot Name System (PNS) is a decentralized name system for Polkadot. PNS provides domain name services for all parachains in the multi-chain fabric of Polkadot. PNS provides unique and human readable domain names that end with .dot and is able to resolve a variety of on-chain and off-chain record type, including wallet addresses, smart contract addresses, IPFS, NFT assets, URLs, SSL certificates, social media accounts, emails, etc. Users have full ownership of their Web3 digital identity.

7. Relation

Here at Relation, our mission is to be a multi-chain explorer of the value of Web3 social graph data. Our vision is to provide the most powerful and data-enriched social graph for the global multi-chain ecosystem. At Relation, we have launched Relation One, a social DApp to help users expand and build their social networks on Web3. To further enhance your experience with our Web3 social graph, we have built the Relation Link Tool Suite, a tool to enable developers to quickly access and index Web3 social graph data. We also support DApps to use the modular social functionality components, which can be integrated into their businesses in any form of combination. With the innovative technical solutions based on Polkadot at Relation, we aim to revolutionalise the next generation of Web3’s social graph infrastructure.

8. SaaS3

Saas3 is a secure Oracle service of Web3, which realizes the next generation blockchain Oracle through a secure Oracle network. Saas3 is a subversive and highly scalable trusted offline computing protocol. It provides trusted data quotation and safe offline computing through the infrastructure DAPI of Web3.

9. Universaldot.me

Universaldot.me is a freelancing decentralized application (DApp) that allows individuals to create and complete tasks and organize themselves by creating geographically distributed organizations. As such, it intends to simplify the way people and organizations create contracts between one another.

10. Web3Games

Web3Games is an integrated blockchain gaming ecosystem that includes 4 core products: Portal, Protocol, Studios, and Chain. We aim to help traditional game developers integrate their gaming products with blockchain, making gaming assets decentralized and permissionless, and bringing back the digital ownership of in-game items to players.


11. Web3Go

Web3Go is an open data platform that focuses on the formatting, visualization, sharing, and collaborative analysis of the on-chain data generated in the Polkadot ecosystem. With the boom of DeFi, NFT and Metaverse, there is a large amount of data generated on the blockchain every day. Beyond all doubt, data is exceedingly valuable. It’s the signal that empowers media companies, investment institutions and blockchain participants to make informed decisions and make sense of the on-chain world. However, it is difficult for non-professionals to obtain and understand blockchain data due to the abstractness and sparseness of its nature. To curb this challenge, our project is to build a data platform for the Polkadot ecosystem and provide a series of toolsets so that everyone can easily obtain visualized results of data analysis.



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