A Brief Summary of 2022 IC Bootcamp Courses in May

Seven dedicated courses regarding technical development, financing, branding, and metaverse have been provided last month in closed sessions to the participating teams by Bob Bodily, co-Founder and CEO of Toniqlabs, Xiong Wei, Founder of everFinance, Lomesh Dutta, Vice President of Growth at DFINITY Foundation, Lara Schmid, Senior Researcher at DFINITY, Zhu Xiaowen, Investment VP of Plug and Play, Gong Xiaoxuan, Marketing Director of Wanxiang Blockchain, and Allen Ding, co-Founder of Nothing Research.

Collaboratively launched by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, New Chainbase, and the DFINITY Foundation, the 2022 IC Bootcamp is Asia’s first-ever Internet Computer training program focused on connecting great startup projects building on the Internet Computer blockchain with ecosystem resources. It is intended to help teams reliably operate and further improve their projects by providing systematic training courses regarding IC key technologies, and IC application development, community development and operation, blockchain team management, branding, etc.

Below are the brief summaries of the seven courses, listed in chronological order.

Upon Product Development in IC — Bob Bodily, May 5th

In his lecture, Bob Bodily, co-Founder and CEO of Toniqlabs shared his personal experience working for the IC ecology as a former entrepreneur. Citing NFT as an example, Bob introduced some possible issues that might arise while developing on IC, regarding scalability, data uploading, etc. In answering the question of how to tackle with the possible challenges in project development, he offered dedicated approaches by demonstrating Toniq’s own development tools regarding 3D NFT. Bob also demonstrated the Toniq code as well as the relevant functions frequently used in Toniq such as NFT trade settlement and locking.

Arweave, an Enabler of DFINITY Canister Storage — Xiong Wei, May 12th

In his speech themed as “Arweave, an Enabler of DFINITY Canister Storage”, Xiong Wei, Founder of everFinance introduced how Arweave guarantees permanent storage, as well as its low-cost mechanism and the operation logic. Demonstrating the whole process from login, storage to data retrieval, Xiong Wei elaborated upon the rules and how to upload files in a quicker way so that these participating teams might be able to easily get up using Arweave. And the last part of his presentation introduced how Arweave could help address the storage and backup issues in DFINITY and further explore Web3 applications.

Overview of Internet Computer — Lomesh Dutta, May 12th

In his speech outlining the Internet Computer ecology, Lomesh Dutta, Vice President of Growth at DFINITY Foundation illustrated how the participating teams could make the best of IC resources to further develop their projects and offer better services for users. He then expounded his views on tokenization, which he believed could add “Rocket Fuel” to adoption in three ways: solving monetary problems via fundraising in the community, driving adoption by leveraging token incentives, and aligning incentives by encouraging users to work as the co-owners of the product. At the end of his presentation Lomesh elaborated something beneficial and helpful to the participating teams to help them operate more stably and reliably and so develop more innovative services.

Service Nervous System (SNS) — Lara Schmid, May 19th

Lara Schmid, Senior Researcher at DFINITY started her presentation with an overview of Service Nervous System (SNS) and a brief comparison with Network Nervous System (NNS). Then came the elaboration of what’s enabled by SNS, namely tokenization which helps get investment, attract early users, and drives network effect, as well as decentralization which prevents stopping of services and opens permissionless governance. Lara also introduced the three SNS Canisters and the Carbon network, an SNS subnet, and pointed out that for Carbon, SNS could be provided as a system function that allows automatic upgrades. The last part of the presentation offered a landscape of SNS development progress and introduced some new features they’ve been working on for SNS.

VC Transformation from Web2.0 to Web3.0 — Zhu Xiaowen, May 19th

Zhu Xiaowen, Investment VP of Plug and Play outlined the general process for VC projects from pre-investment analysis to post-investment management so as to help participating teams better understand what they should care most about while seeking financing in varied stages. She also explained what investors usually pay attention to at the early stage of investment, and introduced the differences between and downsides and merits of ST, SPA, SAFE and SAFT, which will hopefully allow these teams to know more about contracts in at the financing stage. Given that traditional VCs have now flocked to the Web3 ecology, Zhu Xiaowen also presented a brief comparison of traditional VCs and Crypto VCs to give these teams a clearer awareness of the VC market.

Brand Development, Management and Operation — Gong Xiaoxuan, May 26th

In her lecture focusing on branding, Gong Xiaoxuan, Marketing Director of Wanxiang Blockchain offered a detailed explanation of brand launch, brand promotion, rebranding, and crisis public relations. Expounding her views upon how to develop advertising channels, get the brand more closely connected with the products, and understand better about users’ needs, she provided valuable insights into brand development, management and operation to help the participating teams better improve their brands. The last part of the presentation introduced the five principles and common approaches to handle PR crisis.

Metaverse, a Promising Industry Abreast of Public Blockchains– Allen Ding, May 26th

Allen Ding, co-Founder of Nothing Research introduced the current landscape of the metaverse industry and some of the world-renowned companies that have already ventured into metaverse, and analyzed the current situation and development trend based upon the market value of metaverse companies. Categorizing metaverse projects into coordinate projects and non-coordinate ones, Allen elaborated upon the merits and downsides of each type of these projects as well as the possible requirements, allowing these teams to better decide how and when to move into metaverse. Allen also made an analogy between metaverse and blockchain in terms of the development stages, which he believed both include the hype period, ecology development, ecology boom, and the final convergence.



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