A Solemn Statement on Illegal Impersonation of Wanxiang Blockchain Staff

Wanxiang Blockchain
2 min readMay 26, 2021

Wanxiang Blockchain has been recently informed that:

1. Some unauthorized recruitment activities were carried out under the name of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc. with forged business license;

2. Some ill-disposed people impersonated the staff of Wanxiang Blockchain or acquaintance of Wanxiang Blockchain staff to sale cryptocurrency.

The aforementioned illegal behaviors have infringed upon the legitimated rights and interests of Wanxiang Blockchain and stained our reputation. We are deeply concerned about these behaviors and make a solemn statement on them as follows:

1.Wanxiang Blockchain has been dedicated to the R&D and application of the blockchain technologies and has never issued any cryptocurrencies in any forms nor operated any cryptocurrency apps or trading platforms;

2.Wanxiang Blockchain has never offered any training or courses on cryptocurrencies. Honeycomb Academy is our weekly blockchain knowledge sharing activity, which is totally free of charge and broadcast online via Bilibili;

3. We recruit under the name of “Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.”;

4. Our official website is http://www.wxblockchain.com;

5. Our WeChat Official Account is Wanxiang Blockchain;

6. Emails from our company and our staff are all sent through email addresses ending with @wxblockchain.com

7. For units and individuals who used our company’s name without our authorization or consent, we reserve the right to report them to the public security organs and pursue legal liabilities.

We kindly remind all sectors of the society to verify the identity of the other party before you exchange information with them in case of frauds. If you find any impersonation of our company or our staff, please email relevant cases to contact@wxblockchain.com.

Yours sincerely,

Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.

May 26,2021



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