Announcing the First Batch of Finalists of 2022 Wanxiang Blockchain Fall Hackathon

2022 Wanxiang Blockchain Fall Hackathon has been open for global registration since Aug.11.

This hackathon, organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, is sponsored by Near, Protocol Labs and Tezos (in alphabetic order). Under the theme of “Together for A Shared Future in Blockchain”, 2022 Wanxiang Blockchain Fall Hackathon sets three tracks, namely the Green Future of low carbon and environmental protection, the Blue Future of Web3.0 and the Colorful Future of Digital Transformation and invites talented blockchain developers and excellent minds in relevant fields to push forward the development of Web3 and build a multicolored future!

Beihang Blockchain Association, BYR, PKU Blockchain, School of Management at Fudan University, Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association and Yale Venture Club ( in alphabetic order) are community partners of this hackathon.

We have received an impressive number of applications so far. After a careful selection, we are honored to announce the following 18 projects as the first batch of finalists of this hackthon:

AI+ Blockchain + Digital Management Platform by Tianjia Technology

This digital platform serves governments, parks, enterprises, etc. We will take the challenges of this hackathon with the digital government service platform based on AI and blockchian.

Beosin-EagleEye by Beosin

Beosin-EagleEye provides 7*24h security warning and monitoring services for Dapps. Abnormal events in blockchain like asset transfers in a large amount, flash loans, permission changes of smart contracts, transfers via black addresses, etc. can be timely detected. We can also evaluate the security of Dapps both on-chain and off-chain from multiply dimensions so as to detect different kinds of risk and reduce the loss of crypto assets.

Buidler Score by Blue Matrix

Builder Score is an onchain CV and task aggregator. By identifying and integrating users’ behaviors with SBT and PoA token like poap, OAT, etc., Builder Score can generate integrated CVs for users with scoring and labeling functions based on algorithms and optimize the display effects of the CVS. In this way, the CVs on blockchain will be more readable and can be managed in a more integrated and easier manner. Besides, Builder Score can aggregate the tasks on blockchain for users, which helps the users to accumulate credits and interaction experience so as to make their CVs more valuable. It also opens build function for users to expand the network effect.


C2 WORLD, an interactive digital media creation platform, aims to create an immersive social experience in Metaverse with sustainable token economy. This platform focuses on solving the following problems: binding digital persons with DID, returning the ownership of data value to users, building a social network driven by UGC and a lifestyle Metaverse social platform and making the users more loyal to the platform.


Cloudslit aims to optimize the balance between security and privacy of private network with blockchain, Web3 and Zero Trust Secure Network Technology so as to build a zero trust secure network system for the global Web3 industry and enable users to take back the ownership of the private information that is usurped by Web2 tycoons. Besides, it will also build this zero trust secure network architecture on blockchain and provide a better private data index service for users.

DAO build by wteam

DAO build is dedicated to providing an infrastructure platform and task management tools for DAOs.

DAO Management Tool by Dao01

Dao01 aims to develop DAO management tools and an open community tailored for Chinese users.

FatCow IO

FatCow IO is an event, community and social transaction platform based on Web3 and NFT. It allows users to fund, create and manage events and communities and invite other users to join these events and communities.


GalaChat is a social tool that creates chat rooms for Ethereum addresses where users can chat freely in an encrypted and convenient way.

MetaJam by M7e

MetaJam is building an aggregation and collaboration network for Web3 projects and products where Web3 builders can discover cool products and applications and collaboratively create new Web3 projects.

POB Protocol by DAOX

POB Protocol (Proof of BUIDL Protocol) is a decentralized workflow protocol. Users post, claim, submit and verify tasks with smart contracts and verifier nodes. All data will be stored on public chains and distributed networks. Every workflow can be verified with Soulband token, while will then give birth to a verifiable reputation system. POB Protocol empowers every individual to make the verifiable reputation a part of his or her Web3 identity and travel among DApps.


TezCard is a DID reputation system based on DAO and SBT that interconnects Web3 identities.

TingMuseum by TINGDAO

TingMuseum aims to build an open Web3 that aggregates functions like NFT, Social, Dapp, etc.

Univoice by Miao Lab

Univoice will provide a rich sound repository and mint the sound into Voiceprint NFT. Holders can mutate the voice and showcase their characteristics in Metaverse.

Virtual Digital Person by Modaoli Technology

This project aims to empower the digital transformation of traditional enterprises and lead them to the digital future with high-precision virtual digital person technology and advanced hardware and software.

New Concept Cultural Transaction Platform by Yunmo Qiankun Plan

This platform consists of two sections. The first one is multi-culture interaction that will invite intangible cultural heritage and traditional culture around China to build a unique Chinese traditional culture community with the o2o business model and provides e-commerce services to make profits via multiple channels. The second one is new concept auction that mints traditional cultural elements into digital collectibles and related cultural and creative products. These products can be sold for profits so as to build the culture trading system.

IoT Technology Update Based on Blockchain by Tuanjie Xiangqian

This project focuses on connecting blockchain and IoT. To be specific, it aims to realize the automatic update of the IoT technology with blockchain and offchain interoperations, which will rapidly lead users to the world of Web3.

Decentralized Content Release Platform by Sailian Trust Chain

It is a content release and sharing platform in Web3 that aims to build a twitter shared by all.

Hackathon registration will close at 23:59 CST, Sep.13. Join us at:

The 140,000 RMB ( about $20,062) prize provided by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs will be determined by the community voting (50%) and judges (50%) together. You can join the voting by winning credits from the liveroom of the Eighth Global Blockchain Summit from Sep.20-Sep.28.

Come and make a free reservation for this summit at:



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