Announcing the Winners of 2022 Wanxiang Blockchain Fall Hackathon

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3 min readSep 28, 2022


As new and potential tracks like Web3, Metaverse, SBT, SocialFi, decentralized storage, etc. keep emerging in the global blockchain industry, there are great opportunities for startups to conceive and build innovative projects. Under the theme of “A Shared Future on Blockchain”, 2022 Wanxiang Blockchain Fall Hackathon set three tracks, namely the Green Future of low carbon and environmental protection, the Blue Future of Web3.0 and the Colorful Future of Digital Transformation and invites talented blockchain developers and excellent minds in relevant fields to push forward the development of Web3 and build a multicolored future!

This hackathon, organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, is sponsored by Near, Protocol Labs and Tezos (in alphabetic order). Beihang Blockchain Association, BYR, PKU Blockchain, School of Management at Fudan University, Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association and Yale Venture Club (in alphabetic order) are community partners of this hackathon.

We had seasoned blockchain practitioners and investors, including Du Manxiang Head of Generic Architecture Technology Department at Wanxiang Blockchain, Chaosmos, MetaWeb Ventures Investment Partner, Frederick Fung, Head of Adoption, TZ APAC, Wang Longfei, Protocol Labs Developer Advocate, Jeffrey Hu, Tech Lead at HashKey Capital and Guo Haoyun, ETHPlanet Coordinator as the judges who evaluated the projects carefully. By taking the judges’ scores and the community votes into consideration, we decided the winners of the first, second and third prizes of Wanxiang Blockchain Scholarship as follows:

Wanxiang Blockchain Scholarship

First Prize Winner: FindTruman

Reward: 50,000 RMB (about $6,900) and a 10-min speech slot at the Eighth Global Blockchain Summit

Second Prize Winners: CLabel and Coincidence Lab

Reward: 30,000 RMB (about $4140) per team

Third Prize Winners: SonarX, Social Layer and Team N

Reward: 10,000 RMB ( about $1380) per team

Winner of the Grean Future Track: Chutanji

Winner of the Colorful Future Track: C2World

Winners of the Blue Future Track: CGP Lab, CryptoBlessing, CryptoGeek and CloudSlit

Winners of the special tracks will get a reward of 2,000 RMB (about $276) per team.

Venachain Special Awards

Winner of Venachain Gold Award: Team N

Reward: 10,000 RMB ( about $1380)

Winners of Venachain Special Awards: DAOLink, CloudSlit, Digital Settlement Team, NonceGeek, CLabel, CGP Lab and Sailian Trusted Chain

Reward: These winners will share a prize pool of 10,000 RMB ( about $1380).

Protocol Labs Special Awards

First Prize Winner: NonceGeek

Reward: $4,000

Second Prize Winner: FindTruman

Reward: $3,000

Third Prize Winner: DAOX

Reward: $1,000

Winners of Potential Awards: CGP Lab, Team N, TezCard, FatCow and GalaxChat

Reward: These winners will share a prize pool of $2,000.

Tezos Special Awards

First Prize Winner: FatCow

Reward: $4,000

Second Prize Winner: TezCard

Reward: $3,000

Ecosystem Development Grant Winner: FindTruman

Reward: $10,000

Winners of Potential Awards: DaoLink, SonarX, KIKO, TingDao and Miao Lab

Reward: These winners will share a prize pool of $2,000

ETHPlanet Choice

Winner: Web3Hacker

Reward: 10,000 RMB (about $1380)

If you would like to know more about these prize winning projects, please click the following link to watch their project presentations:



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