Join HK Web3 Festival 2024 for the World’s Largest DePIN Gathering Ever!

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2 min readMar 21, 2024

Following the success of its record-breaking 2023 event, HK Web3 Festival is returning for its second edition from 6 to 9, April. Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group, it’s one of the largest crypto gatherings to rewrite HK’s Web3 chapter. Stay tuned for more updates on our agenda that covers a vast range of topics:

DePIN, which represents a new paradigm for building and managing physical infrastructure leveraging the power of decentralization and tokenization, is undoubtedly a game changer for the crypto sector, the next big thing cryptocurrency applications that actually brings the immense capability of blockchain into the real, physical world.

Get ready to explore the current DePIN landscape at the DePIN Forum co-organized by arkreen on April 7th at Stage 1, where you’ve got the chance to connect with an all-star lineup of guest speakers, top DePIN project founders, investors, and visionaries.

The DePIN forum will feature nine keynote presentations, six roundtables, four lightning talks, and one fireside, all for discussing how DePIN is helping address the challenges in the physical world. Notable speakers worldwide will gather to attend this forum to share insights on one of the hottest topics in the Web3 world, including:

Abhay Kumar, CEO, Helium Foundation

Andy Chatham, Co-Founder, DIMO

Sal Gala, Founder, EV3

Ivy Peng, Founder, Open Infra Capital

Yuan Gao, Head of Growth, Helium Foundation

Abba Garba, Head of Product and Partnership, arkreen Network

Fredrik Ahlgren, CEO and Co-founder,


Here’s a peek into some of the attractive topics to be covered:

  • DePIN and Web3
  • DePIN and RWA
  • Distributed green energy
  • Distributed software and hardware
  • Market and investment trend for DePIN


The DePIN forum will also announce DePIN Incubation Program II for Future3 Campus, powered by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and partnered with HashKey Capital. Roam, one of the 8 teams selected into Incubation Program I and previously known as MetaBlox, will provide a distributed Wi-Fi roaming experience for visitors at Stage 1. Roam aims to build a global Open-Roaming WiFi Network in a decentralized manner. Users simply need to download and register to MetaBlox App, and they will get connected to WiFi services and win points for doing so.

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