• 1082 ₿ · Ξ · ∞

    1082 ₿ · Ξ · ∞

    investing in #crypto and #tech #startups

  • Leo Lin

    Leo Lin

    CEO & Founder of aitos.io. A high-tech entrepreneur in the embedded space with a passion for Blockchain and AI Things.

  • Bit Asset

    Bit Asset

    ฿itcoin Enthusiast

  • Harry B

    Harry B

  • ketchum


    I interact daily with more than 140 characters. Current Asia, and the Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia, and my family keep me out of trouble.

  • Reginaldo Pena

    Reginaldo Pena

  • Nashon Nico

    Nashon Nico

  • Eugenio Reggianini

    Eugenio Reggianini

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