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On Apr.8, Helena, Head of Parity Asia Pacific and Hao Yukun, Senior Director of Wanxiang Blockchain shared the latest development of Polkadot ecosystem and answered frequently asked questions about 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp Registration in terms of selection criteria, courses, lectures, etc.

Web3.0 Bootcamp is a training and incubation program co-hosted by Parity, Web3 Foundation, Wanxiang Blockchain and New Chainbase and designed to encourage blockchain innovation. First held in 2020, Web3.0 Bootcamp has been leveraging the resources of Wanxiang Blockchain ecosystem and Polkadot global ecosystem to support Web3.0 startups in technology, product, capital, cooperation, etc. We hope this will help the startups to grow and contribute to the sustainable development of Web3 ecosystem.

In previous Web3.0 Bootcamps, we provided selected teams with such support as technology instruction, professional mentors, demo day, marketing etc. Acala, Moonbeam, Astar and other teams made the best of these resources and grew into star projects in Polkadot ecosystem.

Apart from projects focusing on parachain and crosschain interoperability, 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp also welcomes application projects to join us and will offer the selected team the opportunities to interact with influential investors and community heads around the world, which will hopefully help selected teams and projects to expand their global presence.

Hao Yunkun, Senior Director of Wanxiang Blockchain, said: “It takes great efforts to hold Web3.0 Bootcamp for the third year running. We welcome all talented Web3 projects to apply for 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp and hope that go all out to help the selected teams to grow.”

Meanwhile, Helena, Head of Parity Asia Pacific, talked about the latest development of Polkadot and elaborated on the selection criteria of 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp. She mentioned that using Substrate to develop and launch chains is no doubt the best technology choice for blockchain developers and hence naturally Substrate will bring more and more quality projects to Polkadot ecosystem. Therefor it is not a surprise that we would see the number of Web 3.0 infrastrctural projects increasing in Polkadot ecosystem as they most likely develop chains based on Substrate.

As for 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp, Helena introduced that this bootcamp was one of Parity and Web3 Foundation’s major initiatives to support talented developers and promising projects so as to maintain the sustainable development of the whole ecosystem. In Web3.0 Bootcamp, the selected teams would get all-round support, from product, technology, communication to marketing, which would help to turn their projects to real business.

We welcome all teams and projects that are interested in building the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem and need professional support to accelerate the development to apply for 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp.

The registration channel will close at 23:59, Apr.26. Come and join us via the following link:

Answers to FAQs about 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp registration are as follows. If you are interested to apply for this bootcamp, please read through the answers:

Q: Is there any cost to participate?

A: No. We will not charge any fees or take any equity for program enrollment. Teams just need to pay for their travel fees to/from Shanghai.

Q: Will the event hosts provide visas to selected teams?

A: No. We are sorry that we are unable to provide visas to selected teams or apply for visas on their behalf. But we are willing to share our experience in visa application.

Q: Are there any other must-haves apart from based on Substrate for joining this bootcamp? A whitepaper, for example?

A: Yes, a technical white paper is a must-have. We expect that the selected teams have a clear understanding of the prospect of their projects and a distinct development plan. At the same time, we will provide precious resources to help the well-prepared teams to incubate and accelerate their projects in the following 3 to 6 months, listing them in parachain candidates and making them ready for the next ground of financing or product launching. Only the teams who have outstanding technical and executive abilities will win the most support in this bootcamp.

Q: What kind of projects will be favored by this bootcamp? Does this bootcamp have a preference over NFT or DeFi projects that are relatively popular?

A: What we treasure most is the strength and ability of the teams. Secondly, project diversity will also be taken into considerations.Web3.0 is not limited to NFT or DeFi after all. We also need teams that are dedicated to storage privacy and other directions are that necessary for the sustainable development of Web3.0. So we welcome teams focusing on all kinds of Web3.0 projects to apply for this bootcamp and we hope the projects selected will be complementary.

Q: Is the enrollment only open for certain areas?

A: No. Web3.0 Bootcamp 2022 is open for teams all around world. You will not be judged by where you are based. As the bootcamp will be held in Shanghai, China, we hope that teams based in China make the best of the geographic advantage to take an active participation in this bootcamp. Meanwhile, we will also try our best to help teams in other countries and districts to grow and build better connections with Chinese teams through this bootcamp.

Q: Is there anything we can do in advance to make it more possible for us to be selected to this bootcamp?

A: The strength and ability of the teams will be put high on the agenda during the selection process. So we suggest teams to highlight their ability in innovation, execution, sustainable operation and planning in their application materials and interviews so as to make it more possible for them to be selected.

Q: What can we get from joining this bootcamp?


1.The opportunities to present your teams and projects in globally influential events, such as Global Blockchain Summit, all activities organized by Web3 Foundation and Parity, Web3 Conference, etc;

2.Abundant branding opportunities from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Polkadot and Web3 Foundation, including Wanxiang Blockchain Fengchao Online Meeting, Web3.0 Bootcamp Work Group Exclusive Interview, Polkadot Ambassador, Polkadot Architect, Delivery Cooperation Partner, etc;

3. Opportunities to win financial support from top investors and community heads as they will be invited to share their ideas and talk with the selected team in this bootcamp;

4. Technical trainings on operation environment model development, off-chain workers, parachain/parathreads validator settings, polkadot economy, etc. from Parity and Web3 Foundation and other trainings on product design, investment, financing, compliance, branding, marketing, etc. from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and New Chainbase;

5. Opportunities to exchange ideas and cooperate with other selected teams to win the upper hand in cross-chain interaction in Polkadot ecosystem.



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