Sep.19, Nanjing, China, 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp Demo Day is Coming Soon!

The Demo Day of 2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp co-hosted by Parity, Web3 Foundation, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and Newchain Base will take place on Sep.19, the Open Day of 2022 Shanghai International Blockchain Week where the 11 selected teams will showcase their achievements of this 6-month bootcamp. The event will be held at Wanxiang Blockchain Jiangsu Headquarters in Nanjing and be broadcast online via Bilibili.

On this year’s Demo Day, you will not enjoy the project presentations but also the sharing on “What Web3 is talking about”. There will also be a cocktail party at the venue with limited seats. Register for this event via the following link and join us!

Register at

Highlight One: What Are Web3 Projects Doing?

As one of the hotspots of the blockchain industry, Web3.0, though still in its infancy, has made great contributions to the development of the digital economy as it has brought innovations to the IT ecosystem based on blockchain. It is the vision of the Web3.0 Bootcamp to accelerate the arrival of the Web3.0 era by integrating the resources of the Wanxiang Blockchain’s ecosystem and that of the Polkadot global ecosystem based on the Substrate technical framework and the Polkadot Network.

2022 Web3.0 Bootcamp will help the selected teams to grow with such support as technology, mentor instruction, resources, POC, roadshow, etc. This batch of selected teams, beoble, Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS),Gear, Hamster, Meta Defender, Polkadot Name System, Relation, SaaS3,, Web3Games and Web3Go,are on different tracks, including social, game, storage, Web3 infrastructure, Metaverse, etc. The selected team will share their projects and what they think about the future of Web3 on this Demo Day.

Highlight Two: What is Web3 Talking About?

As Web3.0 is gaining popularity, what is on the earth we are talking about when it comes to Web3? On this Demo Day, apart from the selected teamed mentioned before, we will also invite previous bootcampers, investors and Web3.0 influencers to exchange their ideas on hot topics like parachains, Layer1, Layer2, smart contract development, blockchain application, cross-chain bridge, etc. This will hopefully guide you through the Web3 technology and knowledge from more perspectives.

Highlight Three: Attractive Gifts and Activities

Blind Box Surprise

Register for this Demo Day via the registration link (, watch the livestream and participate in the lucky draw during the livestream, then you will get the chance to win the blind box surprise prepared by Parity and the selected teams!

Offline Cocktail Party

Register for this Demo Day via the registration link ( and attend the event in person in Nanjing, you will get the chance the join the cocktail party for free where you will be able to exchange ideas with the selected teams and mentors and spend a wonderful night together.



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