Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2018, an industrial gathering that cannot be missed

Once again, the “New Economy” themed Global Blockchain Summit, the most influential and iconic annual global blockchain gathering in Asia has set the course for a Shanghai International Blockchain Week in this September.

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Schedule and Arrangement

Sep. 7–9th : Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon

Sep. 10th : Tech Open Day

Sep. 11–12th : The 4th Global Blockchain Summit

Location: Shanghai, China

Expected participants: 2000+

Event Website:

Registration Period:Hackathon participants must register before August 1st and await approval. Tech Day and Summit Tickets are being sold online with limited supply, and early bird price is available now.

Host: Wanxiang Blockchain Labs


October 2015: The 1st Global Blockchain Summit, over 300 participants.

September 2016: The 2nd Global Blockchain Summit, over 700 participants. (Part of the Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2016)

September 2017: The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit, over 1200 participants.

Three years ago, when Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, a leading Chinese research institution focused on the development of blockchain technology hosted the 1st Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai, more than 300 technicians, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, representatives from financial institutions and regulatory bodies have attended.

Since then, the blockchain industry has been on a fast track, while this annual Global Blockchain Summit captures its latest development, challenges, and regulatory concerns with unique perspectives provided by world-renowned speakers from various industries and regulatory bodies. One can easily observe the level of attention of this summit by its previous speakers.

An industrial gathering that cannot be missed

“We have been attending this annual blockchain summit held by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs as speakers in the past three years. It is one of the most serious and informative blockchain events I have ever attended,” said Zeen Zhang, Vice President of Factom, “THE SUMMIT, that is what I would call it. The level of connections and perspectives you can acquire here are beyond comparison. I will be in Shanghai for this year’s event, definitely.”

A hackathon with a real-world challenge

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As the warm-up event for the Blockchain Week, the two and a half days long hackathon will be a gathering for excellent development teams from around the world to demonstrate their innovate ideas through competition within limited timeframe. There are two types of challenges: one is provided by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs which is detailed as follows, and the other is provided by sponsors that will be introduced at the venue.

Wanxiang Innova City is dedicated to new energies and smart city innovations, and the main theater for the deployment of blockchain application scenarios. The ultimate goal is to build a smart city where 90,000 people will study, research, work, and reside. Incorporating blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT and cognitive computing on the edge, Innova City pioneers the next stage of urban intelligence that provides smart services, smart residence, and smart transportation.

Tech Open Day

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On Tech Open Day, founders, development leads, and developers from major blockchain platforms will, among other things, introduce the latest development of their respective platforms and explore potential solutions to the technological challenges facing the industry. The speakers will dive into consensus mechanisms, side-chain and cross-chain systems, privacy protection, among other topics, in order to gain a better understanding towards the underlying technology of blockchain platforms.

The 4th Global Blockchain Summit

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The two days long 4th Global Blockchain Summit will invite representatives from various industries to share their insight regarding the solutions empowered by blockchain technology, envisioning the true value of blockchain technology in future industrial application. In the mist of hype, confusion, and exploration throughout the year, practitioners and leaders from various industries will share their thoughts and ideas relating to the further development and the real-world value of this empowering technology.

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Wanxiang Blockchain is dedicated to building an open platform and offering resources to develop blockchain and promote its application in different industries.

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