Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon Sponsor Challenge- Protocol Labs

On Aug.3, 2021 Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs opens for registration. Under the theme of “Digital World 2077”, this hackathon not only offers an opportunity to developers around the world to showcase their talents but also marks the opening of 2021 Shanghai International Blockchain Week that will take place from Sep.10 to Sep.15.

Web3 Foundation, Protocol Labs and Qtum have confirmed to be the sponsors of this hackathon and will provide exciting challenges and generous prizes to engage developers from their communities.

The challenges and prizes from Protocol Labs are as below:


We welcome all developers, regardless of their experience level, to explore new and creative ideas. Any project using Filecoin and/or IPFS or any of the decentralized storage services building on top of them (e.g., Estuary, Slate, nft.storage, web3. storage, …) may submit for our prizes. We are happy to provide more guidance on specific projects closer to the event.

As a decentralized storage network, Filecoin encourages hackers to store their valuable data on Filecoin for various applications. We highly encourage hackers to store and retrieve data on Filecoin via storing helpers such as Estuary, nft.storage, textile, web3.storage, etc. Interesting ideas are:

● Decentralized DockerHub or Github

● Encrypted picture galleries with IPFS/Filecoin

● Academic or science publication storing


● Decentralized dropbox/cloud

● Any decentralized apps using Filecoin

Please take the advantage of your experience with Filecoin and Blockchain technology, explore the ways or potential tools to remove any pain points to bring a better developer experience for the Filecoin builders. Here are some potential ideas you can refer to:

● Miner reward and vesting visualization and API for developers to query

● Payment channel network on Filecoin

● Visual Order Book of the Filecoin Storage Market

● OrderBook for Asks and Bids for the Filecoin Storage Market

● Filecoin CDN (Content Delivery Network)

● Filecoin SDK or library in various development languages to provide high-level features of Filecoin, such as wallet features, chain data query, message construction and signing, FIL management, etc.

● More…

One of the biggest potentials of Filecoin is to be able to connect to existing blockchain networks and provide the easy access of decentralized storage for any dapps which are looking to store their data on Filecoin. Therefore, we would love to see hackers build those bridges to connect Filecoin to other isolated networks in web3. For example,

● Filecoin — Ethereum Bridge

● Filecoin — Polkadot Bridge

● Filecoin — Cosmos Bridge

● Filecoin — Solana Bridge

● more..


Our rewards is $15,000, for advocating developer to choose our track, we setup a general rewards that any applications could achieve it only if they used Filecion/IPFS:

1st winner: $7,000

2nd winner:$5,000

3rd winner: $2,000

The rest of $1,000 distributed to any applications who picks Filecoin/IPFS track


At a minimum submissions for the top 3 prizes should include the following items:

1. Project Description

- The introduction of the project.

- How your project is related to IPFS/Filecoin.

- Names/pseudonyms of team members and contact info (e.g., GitHub handle, email address, or other)

2. A link to the publicly visible source code repo

- Successfully use IPFS, Filecoin, or related storage service in the application.

- Provide comprehensive README. There must be a clear description of the work in the README file. Make sure you’ve explained how IPFS and/or Filecoin are used in the project. Also, include a link to the working demo or provide a testing guide.

3. Showcase

- 2–3 minute video that presents the idea, including 1) a name, 2) an overview of the design, novelty/originality, technical complexity, mass usability and creativity of the idea and 3) a brief demo that demonstrates the use of IPFS and/or Filecoin (or products building on top of either) in some form.

- If applicable, select the appropriate track when submitting the project.

NOTE: Broken links will disqualify the project from the judging process.

Wanxiang Blockchain is dedicated to building an open platform and offering resources to develop blockchain and promote its application in different industries.