Wanxiang Blockchain Launches “Cube”, a Smart Building Carbon Footprint Monitoring System

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2 min readMar 3, 2022


On Feb.22,2022, Wanxiang Blockchain launched “Cube”, a Smart Building Carbon Footprint Monitoring System developed on blockchain that aims to help governments and enterprises to better monitor and control their carbon emissions and contribute to Chinese government’s goals of reaching the peak of carbon emission in 2030 and realizing carbon neutrality in 2060.

Making the best of blockchain, IoT, privacy computing, knowledge graph and other new technologies, Cube boasts such features as monitoring and collecting the carbon emission data of buildings in real time. As data on blockchain are tamper-proof and traceable, Cube can provide governments and enterprises with accurate and trusted carbon emission data that will help them to optimize ESG process, cut energy consumption and gradually meet the goal of becoming Zero Carbon buildings and parks.

As China is striving to reach the peak of carbon emission in 2030 and realize carbon neutrality in 2060, transforming to a greener and more carbon efficient way of production and living has been put high on the agenda. Besides, investors around the world are paying more attention to ESG related data and risk control when it comes to investing a project or company.

To tackle the challenges facing governments and enterprises in controlling carbon emissions, Wanxiang Blockchain developed Cube, the Smart Building Carbon Footprint Monitoring System that enables governments and enterprises to manage their carbon emission data in a more digitalized, visualized and smarter way.

Based on blockchain, Cube can make the carbon emission data in governments and enterprises traceable and verify the data accuracy. Besides, when the emission data are different from the benchmarks written in the smart contracts, relevant parties will be alerted to check the problems. Such is Cube’s loop of carbon footprint capture, feedback and adjustment.

Moreover, empowered by privacy computing, Cube guarantees that environmental data will be released without the risk of privacy leak. By inserting blockchain SDK into IoT data collectors, Cube helps to make sure the data is accurate and tamperproof from the very beginning so that governments and enterprises can optimize their carbon management process in accordance with the trusted data records.

Built upon the cooperation between Wanxiang Blockchain and carbon neutrality certification authorities in home and abroad, carbon emission data and ESG reports provided by Cube can be certified by the third-party certification authorities.

Wanxiang Blockchain has been using Cube to monitor carbon emission data in its offices, making its processes of carbon emission, reduction, regulation and audit transparent and traceable.

In the future, Wanxiang Blockchain will make relentless efforts to keep polishing up Cube so as to help more governments and enterprises to manage their carbon emissions in a more scientific way.



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